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Whether it's to tell us a success story about your very own $10 Start-Up, an idea you have for Lemonade Girls Club, or something that's not quite right (eek!), your feedback helps us make improvements that benefit every Lemonade Girl. To get in touch, email chella@lemonadegirlsclub.com 


  • Who creates the Lemonade Girls Club content?

    All content is designed and made by Chella, the LGC Course Instructor, based on her own experience as an entrepreneur. Chella is the Company Director of a successful management consultancy, specialising in technology strategy for large organisations. Her credentials? We're glad you asked. Chella has an MBA, is an NLP Master Practitioner, as well as having qualifications in Business Analysis & Coaching.

  • Is Lemonade Girls Club run in schools?

    Lemonade Girls Club is fully online so your Lemonade Girl can join from anywhere and explore the business ideas at her own pace. Thinking about a school-based program is on Chella's future to-do list, as the $10 Start-Ups courses are aligned to Western Australia's Year 4-6 curriculum.

  • Are materials included in the $10 Start-Ups course price?

    The course price includes all the course worksheets and your Lemonade Girl can earn badges too! Materials to make each product are not included - because raising $10 to get started, sourcing materials locally, and adapting the design to suit available materials are key concepts for Lemonade Girls to learn.

  • We're going on a family holiday for a few weeks, will my Lemonade Girl have time to complete the course?

    Lucky you - have fun! Your Lemonade Girl will have access to the online program content for 18 months (558 days to be exact!) so there's plenty of time for holidays - and schoolwork too.

  • My Lemonade Girl already has a business idea she'd like to work on. Is $10 Start-Ups suitable?

    Stay tuned for the 'Dream Designer' Create-Your-Own-Business Program. Chella's working on it now! In the meantime, each $10 Start-Up works through a pre-defined curriculum with 5 business ideas to try, so she might even come up with new ideas to boost her current business!

  • I'm not sure if $10 Start-ups is at the right level for my Lemonade Girl. Can I see some of the lessons to check?

    You sure can! Several lessons from each $10 Start-Up are available for free preview. Note that the concepts become more complex as we move from the bite-sized businesses, Pretty Posy Headbands and Bubble, Sparkle & Fizz, to the bit-bigger businesses Little Bags of Kindness and Happy Sprouts, to our dream big business, Shortbread & Snickerdoodles.

  • Can my Lemonade Girl watch the videos on a tablet or smartphone?

    Yes indeed! Simply use the internet browser on your mobile device to log in to Lemonade HQ (it's the 'Sign In' option in the website menu).

  • How much help will my Lemonade Girl need each week from a parent or carer?

    The time commitment each week turns out roughly the same as participating in after school sport or learning a musical instrument. Your Lemonade Girl will probably need help to visit a shop to buy materials, or an introduction to supportive friends while she builds her confidence with her first product sales.

  • Why doesn't Lemonade Girls Club teach digital marketing or have a social media presence?

    We know parents have differing views on appropriate online activities for their children, so each course focuses on selling physical products in person. Connecting with people and being confident to articulate ideas face-to-face are foundational skills for success in business and in life. That's why Lemonade Girls Club is not on any social media platform either (although others may mention us from time to time!)