Explore 40+ real-world business concepts.

  • Clear, curriculum-aligned learning objectives including important STEM / STEAM concepts

  • $10 Start-Ups begins with two bite-sized businesses that give her a solid foundation for success

  • She'll build up to the dream big business idea that enables more advanced business models and concepts to be explored

Pretty Posy Headbands

This bite-sized business sets the foundation for the program with important Money & Financial Mathematics concepts.

  • Create a simple business plan

  • Identify customers and sales channels

  • Identify what you already know how to do, and what you need to learn to start your business

  • Calculate tax (and understand why paying tax is necessary)

  • Calculate how much each item costs to make and product pricing to make a profit

  • Create a prototype to test and improve product design

  • Compare item features and pricing with competitor products

  • Understand the environmental impacts of product design and purchasing decisions

  • Identify a suitable charity and calculate a donation

Bubble, Sparkle & Fizz Bath Fizzies

Our next bite-sized business emphasises the Visual Arts learning area, including ideas and design development.

  • Define a sustainability-focused unique value proposition (eco-friendly product)

  • Understand how customers decide between different products to purchase

  • Understand how businesses use research & development processes to test new products

  • Select and repurpose appropriate equipment to make products

  • Design suitable product packaging and labelling

  • Define a business brand

  • Understand how products and packaging contribute to a brand

  • Understand bundle pricing

Little Bags of Kindness

This bit-bigger business focuses on Civics & Citizenship, and how businesses can contribute positively to our local communities.

  • Understand upcycling and sustainability

  • Understand how sustainability is a key aspect of business design

  • Create products with different designs based on available resources

  • Calculate and track income and expenses

  • Understand how to adapt product for different markets

  • Reflect on learning and make changes

  • Set business and personal goals

Happy Sprouts Plantable Gifts

Our next bit-bigger business emphasises the English learning area, by developing and expressing ideas in meaningful ways through digital and printed media.

  • Understand recycling

  • Define and implement additional product lines

  • Understand why people buy

  • Understand B2C and B2B

  • Conduct a simple options analysis

  • Create persuasive marketing materials

  • Understand testing and quality checking processes

  • Issue invoices and receipts

Shortbread & Snickerdoodles

Our dream big business highlights the Technology learning area, through sustainable production systems and designing alternative solutions to meet market demand.

  • Use software to create documents

  • Understand subscription selling and repeat customers

  • Use persuasive language to encourage purchases

  • Understand costings of bulk purchases

  • Identify and test upselling opportunities

  • Analyse and identify most popular items

  • Understand how to take and fulfil orders

  • Create and sell gift vouchers

  • Create and sell seasonal or limited edition items