It's your Lemonade Girl's time to shine.

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Get 3 extra-special bonuses!

Lisa Webber from Effective Minds Hypnotherapy and Leasle Hickey from Neuro Soul Therapy have created three amazing, bonus videos just for Lemonade Girls. Exclusive to the Shine Bright Kit!

  • The Chatterbox | Get to know the Chatterbox in your own mind that sometimes says unhelpful things, and help it to be happier! (From Lisa Webber, Clinical Hypnotherapist)

  • The Control Room | Explore the Control Room in your brain to boost useful thoughts and capabilities. (From Lisa Webber, Clinical Hypnotherapist)

  • The Little Spark | Discover and appreciate the things that are unique and sparkly about you! (From Leasle Hickey, Neuroscientist & Strategic Psychotherapist)

Build confidence & resilience.

Running a business can be tricky sometimes - and school can be too! That's why the Shine Bright Kit includes 10 proven, brain-based activities that your Lemonade Girl can use any time.

  • The Mountain Climber | Plot out the steps you can take to achieve a big goal!

  • The Recipe Book | Find out how someone you admire achieved what they've achieved, so you can do it too!

  • The Imagination Creation Station | Create a Dream Big vision board to celebrate your ideas and what's great about you!

  • The Detective | Look for clues to challenge and change limiting beliefs about yourself and what you can do.

  • The Little Daily Feel Good Telescope | Find wonderful things to be happy about each day (even when things go wrong)!

  • The Super Hero | Imagine yourself achieving an important goal.

  • The Explorer | Create your own treasure map to explore and overcome challenges to reach the treasure!

  • The Zoo Keeper | Help the zoo animal characters to explore a tricky problem by thinking about others' points of view.

  • The Grumpy Snowball | Learn how to identify and overcome negative emotions.

  • The Time Traveller | Get ideas from past and future you to find useful ways to face a challenging situation.