Start your own bite-sized business.

Learn step-by-step with Chella and earn badges along the way! Let's go!

The best bits.

Become a girlpreneur! This $10 Start-Up includes quick & fun animated videos and all the printable worksheets your Lemonade Girl needs to start her own fashion accessories business!

  • Pretty Posy Headbands is perfect for Lemonade Girls who love art, craft and colours! She can earn badges to celebrate her bright, sparkly ideas.

  • Buy all the materials at your local store for just $10 pocket money, or find useful things in your craft box.

  • Explore kid-friendly business concepts including business planning, calculating costs, and product design.

  • Learn step-by-step with Chella, to bring to life your Lemonade Girl's favourite Maths, Art and Technology subjects.

  • Win prizes and get a super-special birthday card (and other fun surprises) in the mail! Yay!

  • Designed to be completed in one school term, but your Lemonade Girl will have access to the online content for 18 months so she can learn at her own pace.

Learn how to create products like a real fashion designer (and lots more!)

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    Build your own bite-sized business!

    • Welcome to Lemonade HQ!

    • 10 Ways To Make $10

    • Our Business Adventure

    • My Pretty Posy Prototype!

    • Reuse & Relove

    • Your Business Planner

    • The Start-Up Lab

    • Make it Pop!

    • Let's Do The Sums!

    • Here's Everything That Went Wrong!

    • You can do amazing things! How are you going so far?

    • Shapes, Sizes, Buttons & Bows

    • What's the Price?

    • Superstars!

    • Get Your Superstars Badge!

    • My Best Worst Things List!

    • Fun, Fearless & Fabulous Goals!

    • Kindness Matters

    • Make Your Business Make a Difference

    • Start Selling!

    • Get Your Happy Money Badge!

    • MIMO

    • You Grow Girl!

    • Look For Rainbows

    • Your Unicorn Sales Planner

    • Get Your Unicorn Club Badge!

    • You Did It!

    • I'd love to hear your ideas about our Pretty Posy Headbands business adventure!