Ready, set, go!

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Extend her business skills with a bit-bigger business!

This $10 Start-Up includes quick & fun animated videos and all the printable worksheets your Lemonade Girl needs to start her own upcycled fashion business!

  • Little Bags of Kindness is perfect for Lemonade Girls who love helping others, upcycling, and making old things new again.

  • Buy all the materials at your local charity store for just $10 pocket money, or upcycle useful things from your wardrobe!

  • Explore kid-friendly business concepts including creating design patterns, making multiple product types, social responsibility and donating to charity.

  • Learn step-by-step with Chella, to bring to life your Lemonade Girl's favourite Maths, Art and Technology subjects.

  • Win prizes and get a super-special birthday card (and other fun surprises) in the mail! Yay!

  • Designed to be completed in one school term, but your Lemonade Girl will have access to the online content for 18 months so she can learn at her own pace.