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Review by Paul Culmsee, Management Consultant & Microsoft MVP

Chella has an innate ability to think differently, connect people and ideas, and see creative opportunities that no one else sees. Lemonade Girls Club is awesome – the $10 Start-Up model encourages the ability to test ideas, learn and adapt quickly that’s needed in businesses of all types.

Be kind.

Each $10 Start-Ups business idea is aligned to a social or environmental cause. Lemonade Girls learn how their business can make a difference by donating some of the money they earn to local registered charities.

  • Clothing | Providing disadvantaged kids with clothing and school uniforms

  • Clean water | Helping Australian farming families affected by drought

  • Health | Providing disadvantaged families with essential health & hygiene products

  • Land revegetation | Supporting tree planting projects in areas affected by fire or salinity

  • Animal welfare | Providing food and supplies for rescue animals

Lemonade Girls learn how to learn.

(Because things don't always turn out perfectly first go!)

We know that clever, creative girls often worry about making mistakes and that can discourage her from giving new things a try. That's why each Lemonade Girls Club course focuses just as much on the girlpreneur mindset as it does on money skills by using prototypes, experiments and design tests to learn and improve our ideas.

Our Club values.

(These are reflected in everything we do).

  • Dream big.

    Lemonade Girls Club believes in celebrating ideas, that no matter how small, can make a positive difference in the world.

  • Be kind.

    We look after each other, pay attention to our mindset, and make choices that support our local community and the environment.

  • Look for rainbows.

    Lemonade Girls develop resilience by asking questions, being curious about what works and what doesn't, and learning from each experience.

Learn step-by-step with Chella

Chella is a Company Director and entrepreneur who has helped some of Australia's biggest companies create and share big ideas, with an MBA and a can-do attitude. Most importantly, she's the favourite auntie of the very first Lemonade Girl whose love for learning and creating things inspired Lemonade Girls Club.
Picture of Lemonade Girls Club Founder, Chella C.